Beauty Bundle


Bundle Items
Makky Tea Leaf, Makky GT Plus, Cynomak

Weight Loss, Hair Health, Skin Health, Signs of Aging, Maintenance of Bodily Health

Suited To
All Skin Types, All Hair Types

Key Ingredients
Biotin & L-methyl Folate, Glutathione & Vitamin C, Green Tea Leaf Extract

60 Capsules, 30 Tablets

Additional information


– Contains biotin which uses fat, proteins and carbohydrates available in metabolism and converts them into energy.
– Stimulates blood flow and reduces heart risks
– Maintains healthy and radiant skin
– Has anti-aging properties which reduce wrinkles and fine lines
– Reduces hair loss and causes hair growth
– Strengthens nails and prevents breakage
Supports weight loss with no side effects
– Maintains healthy cardiovascular functions
– Has antioxidants which protect cells from cancer and heart diseases.
– Helps strengthen and improve immune system
– Boosts liver function causing harmful toxins to leave the body
– Contains glutathione which prevents cancer progression and increases antioxidant activity.
– No Side Effects


Take 1-2 capsules/tablets daily as a dietary supplement of each beauty vitamin after a meal or as instructed by a healthcare practitioner.


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